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AgTech Nexus USA 2018

June 6-7, 2018

Harvard Club

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AgTech Nexus USA 2018 Presenting Companies

Thank you for your participation in AgTech Nexus USA 2018!
Attendees who wish to view the presenting companies's pitch decks should visit the Presentations tab and log in to view them.

Proventus is the first fully-fledged digital financing platform focused exclusively in agriculture. By (1) introducing a differentiate, fair and dynamic credit risk assessment through the application of machine learning techniques over farming data; (2) directly connecting borrowers and lenders; and (3) insuring and diversifying the main risks of the activity; we will provide affordable loans to financially marginalized farmers at the same time we will increase the risk-return to lenders, improving overall access to data so they can take better informed investment decisions.

Cambridge, MA
1 (617) 843-3222
  Aline de Souza Oliveira Pezente, CEO, Proventus

Aline has just finished her MBA degree at the MIT Sloan Fellows Program. Before MIT, Aline was Head of Business Development and M&A for Latin America for Louis Dreyfus Company and CEO of CalyxAgro, a farm land company in Brazil managing around 30,000 hectares of planted area. At MIT she was part of the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) within MIT Media Lab, leading a working group focused on the application of Blockchain and Smart Contracts to improve efficiency in the financing of commodities supply chain. She is now working on Proventus, an Agri-Fintech startup that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to improve financial services in the Agriculture market.
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RootWave is pioneering the use of electricity to kill weeds as a scalable and sustainable alternative to herbicides. Herbicides are under pressure due to increasing natural resistance and regulators restricting their use due to health and environmental concerns. RootWave has an award-winning professional hand-weeder, is on track to completing a €1.3m EU Commission project to develop an automated weeder for cereal and vegetable crops, and is developing a mass-produced hand-lance with one of the world's largest garden tool manufacturers.
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8 Brook Business Park, Brookhampton Lane,
Kineton, Warwickshire, CV35 0JA
01926 800789
  Andrew Diprose, CEO, RootWave

Andrew is CEO of RootWave. Prior to RootWave, he worked for Alpha Financial Markets Consulting which he helped grow from a start-up to the world’s largest dedicated investment management consultancy. During his time at Alpha, he lived and worked in London, New York and Paris. He previously worked at Accenture.

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  Work Intelligence System Running ANalytics (WISRAN) identifies operating inefficiency in real-time using artificial intelligence for farmers to improve profits. Currently, large farmers use target estimates for completing various farming activities such as spraying, planting, harvesting without tracking the actual utilization of equipment, labor and fuel against target estimates, reconciling the actual operating cost of equipment and labor against field revenue, and understanding the contributors to actual operating time. This results in invisible operating losses, which reduces labor and equipment utilization efficiencies and increases equipment and labor cost per acre. This ultimately reduces profit margins for an already constrained agriculture market. Unlike equipment manufacturers, providing machinery data, WISRAN generates and converts on-farm logistics data into business value by measuring, recording and analyzing the time and cost of processes and workflows such as hauling, loading/unloading and planting. WISRAN identifies operating waste and provides real-time guidance on improving the execution to improve profits.

440 N. Wolfe Rd,
Sunnyvalue, CA 94085
1 (845) 401-8027
  Arsalan Lodhi, Founder & CEO, WISRAN

Arsalan is the founder and CEO of WISRAN. He is an expert in boosting profits through the application of technology. Arsalan has been working on this project since 2016 with a co-founder Justin Durdan who is a multi-generation family farmer operating 13,000 acres of row crops in Illinois. Previously, Arsalan worked for IBM, Accenture and Ernst & Young. Attended MIT, NYU and Cal Stat Long Beach with majors in CS and Business.

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  DryMAX Solutions is dedicated to producing the most innovative solutions to one of the world’s most energy intensive needs - DRYING. After years of testing our patented system on 40+ feedstocks, we are entering the market in 2017 with our corn, soybean and wood chip dryers. Instead of drying with high heat, DryMAX uses radio waves to energize the grain: gentle, low energy and low heat. We dry from the inside out; to protect the most vital part of the grain, our waves can pass through the tough shell, targeting highest moisture first. Water is pushed out 20 times faster. We can ease surface tension and spin out a water molecule while preserving ALL of the nutrition - FAST! Our FORCEFIELD dryers utilize radio waves at a certain frequency, which specifically targets water molecules, to energize feedstock. We figured out how to 'grease' the H2O molecule to ease its bonds, and then spin it out. The waves are contained inside the structure, but water is released as vapor, pushed out by an efficient fan. By analyzing the moisture content, the computer adjusts energy and airflow to maximize efficiency or throughput - whichever is most important.

Dassel, MN
1 (612) 770-4189

Kevin Eichhorn, Founder, DryMAX Solutions

Serial Entrepreneur, Kevin has started several companies, always innovating along the way. He developed property in Arizona, invented medical devices, consulted for clean energy companies and developed wood chip to biodiesel technology. Growing up in Southern Africa, he saw both beauty and poverty and how the lack of basic resources such as water and electricity can hold people back. One day he hopes to solve some of these issues in developing countries where 50% of crops are lost to ruin. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and 5 boys, is the visionary, the developer.

  Agrisource Data is solving the biggest problems in global food production by delivering deep insights that optimize efficiency, drive revenue and mitigate risk for enterprise and government stakeholders across the food supply chain. The AgClarity™ Platform, provided as a service, utilizes multiple streams of data from proprietary and third-party sources to conduct predictive analytics through Artificial Intelligence that inform decisions and make recommendations along the seed to shelf spectrum, well beyond just field monitoring. A primary focus on highly accurate, long-term yield forecasting provides users up and downstream from harvest hyper-visibility into the food supply chain and insights to drive greater productivity and efficiency.
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Atlanta, GA
1 (706) 889-1007
  Jordan Reilly, VP of Business Development, Agrisource Data

Jordan Reilly is the Vice President of Business Development of Agrisource Data, an Atlanta based AgTech company focused on utilizing multi-layer intelligence to provide hyper-visibility into the entire food production chain. Jordan began his career for IBM Business Analytics working with product lines around Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, eventually transforming into the IBM Watson group. He then joined Cloudera, Inc, a now publicly-traded Big Data company. There, Jordan worked with many Fortune 500 companies to address their most crucial data and analytical problems. He joined Agrisource Data to bring his expertise, experience and leadership skills to help the modern agriculture business realize the power of data dramatically impact the ability to feed the world. Jordan received his BA from the University of Michigan and was a member of the varsity football team while in Ann Arbor.

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  Applied Quantum Energies (AQE) has developed a patented and proprietary technology that will revolutionize how we grow food around the world. This seminal technology significantly improves several aspects of plant growth without any heat, chemicals, or genetic modification. Through university partnerships and numerous private collaborations, we have observed an increase in overall seed productivity from seed germination to seed vigor to fruit production. Improvements have been observed in over 20 different crop types to date. We hold a broad patent for a plasma technology that uniquely treats seeds without creating ozone. Our equipment is able to treat a steady volume of small seed crops. Our large-batch equipment for high volume, large seed crops is under development. Additionally, our related patent has applications in food sanitization, equipment sanitization and emerging markets healthcare.

Naples, Florida
1 (
239) 322-3788
  Shefali Mehta, CEO & Co-Founder, Applied Quantum Energies

Dr. Shefali Mehta is an agricultural and environmental economist who has spent the past 10+ years helping organizations develop and implement holistic strategies to address their complex problems. She is currently the CEO and co-founder of Applied Quantum Energies. Dr. Mehta also founded and leads Open Rivers Consulting Associates, where she and her team tackle some of their clients’ toughest challenges by finding collaborative economic- and science-based solutions. Prior to founding Open Rivers, she has held roles across the private, public and non-profit sectors including McKinsey and Company, Syngenta, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, St. Olaf College, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and the American Cancer Society. She has received degrees in economics and statistics from University of Minnesota, University of Cambridge and New York University.
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  Ag Exchange Group was formed to help growers and buyers to more efficiently and more profitably manage, market, supply and purchase grain commodities, delivering the core functionality of a commodity exchange without the constraints of regulatory compliance for payment clearance. Operating as an independent data service, supporting both growers and buyers, we provide growers with real-time access to buyer bids (“bids”, “bids service”), buyers with real-time access to available grower inventory, and real-time access to grower asks (“asks”, “asks service”). Our data service improves grain commodity marketing efficiency and preserves or possibly even enhances margins in an intensely competitive global market. The Ag Exchange service allows growers to schedule asks and buyers to schedule bids for designated commodities.
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224 – 111 Research Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7N 3R2
1-844‐4‐AGXCAN 1-(844‐424‐9226) 
  Lyle Ehrmantraut, President, Ag Exchange Group Inc

Lyle has worked successfully in the Agriculture business for more than 15 years. He first helped launch Round Up Ready Canola with Monsanto in the late 90’s, was later Vice President at IC Group in Winnipeg where he created weather risk management products for the agriculture industry, and then returned home to Saskatchewan to join Cargill in 2009. He is currently the President and CEO of Ag Exchange Group, which was formed in 2013 after recognizing that there was a significant gap in the structural relationship of Information Technology within the Agricultural industry. Lyle grew up in the farming community of Torquay in South Eastern Saskatchewan and holds a degree in Finance/Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan.

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  C2Sense is an industrial IoT company that generates recurring revenue by providing actionable environmental monitoring data and analysis using a proprietary gas sensing technology to anchor subscriptions. C2Sense’s small, light-weight, low-power, and easy-to-produce sensors enable the digitization of real-world chemical information about food quality and freshness, toxic gases, and air quality. Today, digitizing gas sensing information in order to enable intelligent decision making is still complicated, slow, and often prohibitively expensive. Our solution includes highly selective sensors with continuous monitoring, allowing our customers to make real-time decisions to improve quality, reduce waste, and ensure worker safety. Our sensing platform is readily integrated into electronic networks, providing a sense of smell for the digital world. Actionable, cost-saving information with these sensors include: 1) numerically quantifying food quality and freshness, 2) improving poultry welfare and yield, 3) designing custom sensors for industrial safety applications.
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501 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge, MA 02139 
  Jan Schnorr, Co-Founder & CEO, C2Sense

Jan Schnorr is cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of C2Sense. He received his Diplom in Chemistry at University of Frankfurt, Germany in 2006, followed by research in Professor Klaus Müllen’s laboratory at the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research. Before C2Sense, Jan was a postdoctoral associate in the Swager laboratory (Department of Chemistry at MIT), and also completed his Ph.D. in chemistry at MIT. During that time, he worked on functionalized carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube-based chemical sensors. He has published 13 peer-reviewed papers with a total of over 1,200 citations. He is co-inventor on 6 patents/patent applications including C2Sense’s sensing and rapid prototyping technology.

  KnipBio is contributing to the transforming aquaculture by providing tailored nutritional solutions through its proprietary "blue" tech. Our KnipBio Meal (KBM) products are a source of single cell protein comparable to fishmeal, plus powerful anti-oxidants and prebiotic compounds to promote a healthy gut microbiome and to bolster the immunity of aquatic animals more broadly. Our technology platform has been in development since 2013, has recently scaled to commercial demonstration scale and is in customer adoption trials world wide.
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Lowell, MA
1 (413) 627-8149
  Larry Feinberg, Co-Founder & CEO, KnipBio

Larry Feinberg, PhD., is an entrepreneurial industrial biotechnologist and the CEO and co-founder of KnipBio. He has deep expertise in early-stage technology ventures and bio-product discovery. At Mascoma Corporation, he led the Organism Discovery group and New Business Opportunities team. Larry completed his doctoral studies at the University of Massachusetts where he focused on biogeochemistry, physiology and genetics of hyperthermophilic microbes.

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Thank you for your participation in AgTech Nexus USA 2018!
Attendees who wish to view the presenting companies's pitch decks should visit the Presentations tab and log in to view them.

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AgTech Nexus USA Company Presentations

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