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AgTech Nexus USA 2018

June 6-7, 2018

Harvard Club

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Company Pitches & Dinner Reception at Fenway Farms 

Followed by Red Sox vs. Tigers

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Join your peers atop legendary Fenway Park!

AgTech Nexus USA will give agtech entrepreneurs the chance to throw their best pitch out to investors gathered at the iconic ballpark, followed by a casual dinner reception at Fenway Farms and the Red Sox game vs. the Detroit Tigers (Wednesday, June 6).

Installed and launched for opening day of the 2015 season, the 5,000 square foot rooftop farm provides fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruit to Fenway Park’s EMC Club restaurant.

AgTech Nexus attendees holding all-access passes have a block of great seats to watch the Red Sox and Tigers from the third base side, with plenty of networking space near the bar.
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Make sure you register early for your all-access pass to join this fun opportunity!

Capacity is strictly limited.
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Apply to Pitch!

AgTech entrepreneurs are invited to apply to make their pitch to investors.
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