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AgTech Nexus Europe 2018

7 December 2018

Convention Centre Dublin

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AgTech Nexus Europe 2018 Presenting Companies


ApisProtect help commercial beekeepers & pollination companies managing 91m beehives that are losing up to 50% of their bees each year succeed by much earlier intervention with identifying disease & pests. We use in hive sensors, machine learning & world class beekeeping knowledge as demonstrated by three years of scientific field trials in Ireland. A seed round of €500,000 is being closed for the first deployment into 6 countries, anchored by Institutional Investors and the Irish Government’s Enterprise Ireland Fund. We welcome interest from parties who might wish to explore joining the round.
  Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder, ApisProtect

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder of ApisProtect, completed her PhD in October 2017 with the School of Engineering, and the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at University College Cork in the area of Internet of Things applications for honey bee health. Fiona is a 2013 graduate of the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BE) Honours at UCC, a recipient of the Google Women Techmaker Scholarship 2016, and the Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2014. She placed in the top three of the 2016 “Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur” competition in the “Best New Idea” category and was awarded “Young Entrepreneur of the year” at the U magazine 30 under 30 awards 2017. She placed second in the Blackstone/Techstars global Student Entrepreneurs awards, and representing Ireland in the European Union "Ideas from Europe” challenge.

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Livestock Water Recycling is the world’s leading provider of manure treatment technology. From our Innovation Center in Calgary, Alberta, we work with farms around the world to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, concentrate and segregate nutrients for strategic fertilizer application, and recycle clean, reusable water. The LWR System is the only proven and fully operating technology that reduces the overall volume of manure, concentrates nutrients and delivers a renewable, high-quality water source. Better yet, it provides a minimum 20-30% return on investment. From being the first to being the continued market leader, our vision has always been to help livestock farmers increase farm efficiencies, while becoming even more environmentally sustainable.
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  Karen Schuett, Co-Founder, Livestock Water Recycling

Karen Schuett, CEO and CTO of Livestock Water Recycling, has 25 years experience in the design, fabrication and installation of insitu remediation systems across Canada and the US. She is currently responsible for corporate strategy, corporate relations and partnerships, government relations, as well as the implementation of an integrated approach to develop new products and solutions. She oversees integration between the company’s overall strategy and its focus on innovation including new product launches and marketing. Ms. Schuett holds dual Bachelor of Science Degrees, is a member of the Sierra Club of Canada, CAWST, and is an e-Global Professional Member of WEF.

Machine Eye is an award-winning innovative new safety device for use on tractors, plant, and heavy machinery. Machine Eye provides protection against accidents involving machinery for operators, bystanders and everybody on the farm. Machine Eye views the future. When an accident is imminent, Machine Eye automatically takes control, pre-emptively isolating or halting the machine to remove risk.

Brendan Digney, Co-Founder, Machine Eye
Brendan Digney is a Masters Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student at Queen's University, Belfast and Founder of Machine Eye Technology. Growing up on a farm outside Newry, Brendan found an area where he could combine his many talents and experiences - agricultural technology.
Machine Eye has been recognised throughout the UK and Ireland, winning Catalyst Invent 2018; an Innovation Award for Safety and 'One to Watch' at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena; The Ireland Funds BPC Innovation Award; Farm Safety Partnership Innovation Award, and has been recognised as one of Santander UK's 6 top student businesses.
In his spare time, Brendan is an amateur pilot, keen photographer, classical musician and triathlete. He is a volunteer for the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Northern Ireland and volunteer carer with the Irish Pilgrimage Trust.
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Novolyze develops and manufactures qualified, ready-to-use surrogate microorganisms to help food companies, laboratories and equipment manufacturers perform in plant validation studies and comply with the new FSMA requirements. Our state-of-the-art R&D center is located in Dijon, France, 30 miles from the birthplace of Louis Pasteur. Equipped with BSL2 labs, bio-production facilities and lab pilot units with food processes, our scientific staff is devoted to developing surrogates to help the food industry ensure safer food. With strategic partners, we have access to a BSL3 lab specialized in food virology.
Karim-Franck Khinouche, CEO, Novolyze

Engineer in Food Science and Engineering (Agrosup Dijon) and holder of a Master’s degree in Business Development in EM Lyon, Karim-Franck joined ETIA as International Volunteer in Business to start a subsidiary in China. He quickly took charge of the operational development of the food division which he made the world leader of pasteurization systems in dry food ingredients in less than 4 years.
Karim-Franck is the founder and CEO of Novolyze, a French privately owned AgFoodtech company created in 2012 with locations in the US since 2015. Novolyze develops innovative solutions to address increasing industrial needs in food safety. To prevent foodborne illness outbreaks and increase manufacturing process efficacy Novolyze has developed SurroNov®, a surrogate microorganism, and FSG™ an on-board technology.
Novolyze aims to:
- Prevent foodborne illness outbreaks
- Improve sustainability
- Strengthen product quality
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Prospective Research, Inc is creating feed incorporated preventative disease management solutions for the aquaculture industry that completely removes the need for antibiotics and medicated feed. The company’s technology platform allows them to modulate bacterial behavior using microbial signaling molecules for the local delivery of therapeutics directly inside the gut of any farmed species.
The company seeds trillions of bacterial pharmacies into the microbiome of fin-fish, shrimp, and shellfish, and can selectively turn on bacterial genes encoding bio-active therapeutics inside the animal for protection against bacterial, fungal, and parasitic pathogens. The company’s future plans include moving into the agricultural space to produce replacements for antibiotic growth promoters, as well as adaptive probiotic solutions for crop diseases.
The company was founded in 2015 by Dakota Hamill and Jake Cotter, organic chemists from the Boston, MA area. The company is headquartered in Beverly, MA.


Treemetrics Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Enda Keane and Garrett Mullooly. This software based company has spent a number of years developing new technology to replace the traditional forestry methods which have been in place for over one hundred years. Nowadays Treemetrics provides pioneering solutions to the globalforest industry, over more than 16 countries.
Enda Keane, CEO, Treemetrics

Enda Keane is a co-founder Treemetrics. He is a forester with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry. Professionally skilled in operations management, analytical skills, international business development and product innovation. Has worked in over 35 countries around the globe in both the state and private sectors.
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